Mar 28, 2017

Mignon + Brian | The Barn at Harvest Moon Pond October Wedding


It was a perfect sunny day in October. Bright, clear, warm and full of family. This was one of those weddings where you could just feel the love bouncing off of everyone. I was lucky to get a copy of their ceremony on paper and I just wanted to share the opening lines of the welcome introduction spoken by their officiant Heather Wolowik.

“ Today is a celebration. A celebration of love, commitment, of friendship, of family, and of two people who are in it for forever. Brian and Mignon have invited you all here today to share with them this celebration of their love and desire to join their lives together in marriage. We are all here to honor the beginning of their new life together. We are here to listen, to love, to dance and celebrate and to send them into their future with our loving support.”

I love hearing words spoken like this at weddings. Celebration is something that we should all do on a regular basis. Celebrate cleaning your house, getting an oil change, finishing your taxes, remembering to call your brother on his birthday. It may not have to be a giant party like a wedding reception, but just maybe something small. Like going out for coffee instead of making it at home. Or getting a babysitter to go on a date with yMCBU-0623our significant other. Or instead of Netflix, rent a new release! Spending time with family is always a celebration for me so whenever I get a chance to be with them, I am happy.

Mignon and Brian included his kids and brought the whole family together with a beautiful Unity Ceremony. Instead of sand or candles, they used colorful crushed glass, each family member with a different color, and poured it into a vessel that will be fused into an incredible work of art.  I hope to see it someday! I’m sure it is magnificent!

The Barn at Harvest Moon Pond was at its usual perfect self and we had an incredible time shooting this wedding. There were so many details and thoughtful ideas that all went into making the perfect day. I hope you enjoy the photos I picked out as my favorites. It’s always hard to do when there are so many beautiful people and things to photograph.

Vendors: Second Shooter:  Melissa Austin   //  Venue: Barn at Harvest Moon Pond  //  Wedding Planner: Betsy Pearson – Piece of Cake Consulting  //  Videographer: Calen Albert Cinematography  //  Caterer: Upstairs Downstairs Catering //  Florist: Daffodil Parker  //  Music/Photobooth: Celebrations-John Sherman  //  Mair/Make-up: Be Inspired Salon  //  Dress: Vera’s House of Bridals



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