Jan 24, 2018

Azena Photography Open House

This Friday, January 26th 10am – 8pm

2820 Walton Commons Lane Suite 131 Madison, WI 53718

Hillary HS17-070

Photos by Heidi E Johnson

I am opening my doors to show off  my new space. Same building, opposite end. Great view (No more parking lot!),  a couple of sand hill cranes named Doug and Carrie and a lot more head space!

This is in celebration of the new year, but I am also celebrating 10 YEARS of being in business!!!!       

Yes, you heard that right. This summer will be my 10th year of running this bad boy. I am shocked at how fast time has gone and can’t believe it! I have gone through many ups and downs, trying to decide if this was my best path.  There have been extremely busy years, working too hard for too little money, or not working enough and having to find part time jobs. It took a long time to figure out how to be successful all year round being a wedding photographer in Wisconsin. Luckily, I really love shooting commercial work, boudoir and professional branding sessions! I’ve spent a few years just specializing in each area and I love it all so want to do it all!

Reflecting on the past decade.

It’s been quite the adventure but I do believe it was the right choice and wouldn’t change much. Even when my son asks me for a bigger and better house. I told him this morning when he asked for the 10th time, “would you rather be able to see me all the time or have a giant empty house and only see me on weekends?” Then he asked what kind of job he needed to have a big house like uncle Flynn. Boy, that kid keeps me on my toes. Well, first, you have to be able to read and write. So do your homework!

I get to work from home most of the time so get to have a nice balance of home life with my family and work. And, that is why my studio is so neat and tidy! Maybe I’ll share a photo of my chaotic desk at home…maybe not. It’s pretty bad. Just ask my husband. It’s controlled though! I can find most things I’m looking for if I look for a couple of minutes, lol.

Open House!!

So, back to this open house! Come on by and wish me a Happy New Year and Happy 10 Years and I’ll give you a cupcake (I put an order in with To Di For yesterday eeeekkk!). I am going to have some great deals on boudoir sessions, professional headshots, weddings and family mini session signups. After the open house, I’ll open up the sales to the public.

Tell your friends! Can’t wait to see you!






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