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May 17, 2016


Hey there! My name is Hillary Schave and here is a photo of me!  hillary-headshot-16I am the owner and photographer of Azena Photography. I am a coffee drinking, magazine obsessed entrepreneur who has run a successful wedding photography business since 2008! I kid you not, I have so many magazine subscriptions that I could open a library.

My wedding style is a mix between documentary, planned, classic, and then back to documentary! Which means I give you a little bit of everything. I focus on capturing everything in the moment as it is happening and telling the story.  Planned and classic is where I create beautiful portraits of the bride, wedding party and groom as well as those always ever important details and family photos. Then back to your fun candid story telling (documentary) where you completely forget I exist.

One of my favorite things about wedding photography is the excitement on everyone’s faces. Everyone is always so happy! Or emotional. Me too. I try not to get a tear in my eye during the mother/son dance and I always laugh out loud during the Best Man speech. Especially if they quote Anchor Man or pretty much anything Will Ferrell has every said.  Couples are always comfortable with me, feel relaxed and truly enjoy one of the best days of their lives.

I also do a ton of professional empowering portraits for women(and boudoir), corporate headshots, individuals(update your facebook profile pic!), large groups and businesses. I have the honor of working with Brava Magazine photographing many of their features and events. If you don’t read this magazine, you should! It is an incredible magazine for women of style and substance. Here is a link! You will see Photographed by Hillary Schave everywhere!

I am proud to say that I was voted the class clown in high school, I love any food that is spicy, and have three large brothers who are the funniest people I have ever known. This year, my wild style of a son, Wesley, has me addicted to playing Lego Dimensions with him. He schools me on pretty much any video game but it is a great way to bribe him into heating his vegetables.  My husband, Michael, is a chef at the Great Dane so I also get to enjoy all of their wonderful offerings. Especially their delicious beer and poutine.

I can’t forget to mention Francis.  We named her that because she is a black cat and we also love Black Francis from the Pixies (an incredible band still rocking our world since the 90s). She enjoys setting traps and leaving “gifts” for us at the back door.