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May 24, 2016

Theresa and Terry’s wedding reception in New Glarus, WI was hosted at the New Glarus Hotel Restaurant. This is a cute little Swiss eatery that served classic and traditional Swiss food. Me and my associates arrived at the Chalet Landlaus Inn to take some really fun bromance photos of Terry, his son Caleb and buddy Nick. They ended up being pretty hilarious and even included the wrestling of a cow, chillin outside the BP like Jay and Silent Bob and holding hands on the walk to the party.

Once we arrived at the Hotel Restaurant, we found Theresa putting out all of these gorgeous gourmet cupcakes that she and her mother had made for the party! Wow, the were so good, I actually had two! The funny toasts given by family members were so sweet and there was even an ode to Theresa’s cooking from Caleb. He is pretty excited to have her join the family. I don’t think Terry’s cooking impressed him much.

After an amazing buffet of spaetzel, mashed potatoes and gravy (best I’ve ever had), delicious sausages and creamed spinach, I was super pumped for the dance party. Once the dj got things rolling, everyone got on the dance floor and had a great time!

We also had a fun little photo stage which I’ll share in another post yet to come. Until then enjoy!