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Jun 14, 2017

Have you wanted to learn that new DSLR camera you got for your birthday, Christmas, graduation or Mother’s Day?

Does your DSLR focus on the wrong subjects?

Do all of your kids and pets have redeye?

Are your images blurry and you have no idea why?

Do you want to put your fancy images on Instagram?

I can help! It’s official! I’m back teaching photography to beginners and intermediate DSLR Camera users! Sign up today to take advantage of my vast knowledge. I want to share my skills with you! I am now offering one-on-one mentoring and group classes for beginner and intermediate DSLR photography!


Designed to get you off the auto setting, this class will introduce you to the main features of your DSLR camera. This 2-Hour Class is only $50. Limit 5 Students. Gift certificates available!

Dates: Saturday, August 12th at 10am OR Tuesday, August 15th 6pm     BOOK HERE

What we will focus on-

  • Understanding ISO, aperture, and shutter speed, and how they work together
  • How autofocus works, and when manual focus works better
  • How to capture the moment by using continuous shooting mode
  • How to achieve better images when you use flash
  • Why choosing the right AF mode will result in sharper images
  • What modes to choose to control depth of field and motion



Let’s take your DSLR camera to the next level! This class explores some of the basics in greater detail and new features. Students will also have the opportunity to share images with me for review during the second session.

Two 2-Hour Sessions for only $99 with discounts for one-on-one mentoring sessions. Limit 5 Students. Gift Certificates Available!

Dates: Tuesday, August 22nd AND 29th 6pm   BOOK HERE

What we will focus on –

  • What is white balance, and using custom white balance to get accurate colors
  • Why you and your camera see the same thing differently, and what to do about it
  • Understanding how your camera measures light with using metering modes to get a well exposed image
  • What is a histogram, and how to use it.
  • Dialing in perfect exposure using exposure compensation or manual
  • An overview of the relationship between ISO, aperture and shutter speed
  • Using the cameras bracketing feature
  • Introduction to external and off camera flash photography


  • Responsive to your needs as an individual learner
  • Simplified because I will present only useful, practical information in terms that are easy to understand.

Your lesson time is completely customized to your needs. I will adapt my teaching style to fit each individual student’s experience level, learning style, gear, and goals.

Ideas for mentoring:  Getting your subject to relax during sessions for authentic images. Best posing techniques for flattering images. Boudoir Posing. Engagement Session Mentoring. Off Camera Flash. Lightroom and Photoshop Techniques.


Book your spot here!