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Apr 12, 2018

The BRAVA Boudoir by Hillary Schave

Recently, I had the opportunity to write up a little something about my boudoir business for the local Madison, WI Publication, BRAVA Magazine. It is live on their website as we speak and you can see it here. But, as usual, I went a little crazy with it and wrote about three times more than what they needed! So I thought I would share the long version here. And also, some more photos!

Boudoir photography is for women (or men) who want to have suggestive and sensual photos taken of them to document a special time in their lives, to reaffirm romance and love between long term partners, or most commonly, a gift to a future spouse. They are typically taken in a woman’s private bedroom or dressing room, or a photographer’s studio that is set up with amazing light and beautiful props such as Azena Photography .

Romantically inclined.  I love to photograph the softer side. The beautiful side of a woman. Romantic lingerie and suggestive attire rather than explicit is more of what the boudoir experience is all about.

Artfully and tastefully captured.  It can be erotic, sulky, provocative and sexual but I really love using beautiful flattering light and creative ways to capture without going full nude.

Vibrant, vivacious and vulnerable. Bring in colorful lingerie, laugh, and show me your vivacious personality. Open yourself up and show me your inner beauty and your outer grace.

All sizes are beautiful! Don’t wait to lose that last 5 pounds. I will pose you to flatter your body type. Seriously, any size! Even if you are missing a limb or an eye!


Brave beauty, yes!  You should celebrate your body! When you are 70 years old, (unless you are 70 now and want to do this, that would be fun too!) you will look back at these celebrated photos and the vessel that changed but the spirit shining through wil still and forever be yours.

Own it! This is for your own enjoyment. Afterwards, when you look at these photos, you will see the attractive, open, sensual and desirable woman that you truly are.

Unclothed, or not. You don’t have to get naked for this. Some of my favorite sessions have been with an oversized men’s shirt and a smile. Unlock your inner confidence and then take it off!

Dress to be sexy. Be daring, desirable and dreamy.

Open and exposed. You are already taking the steps through my doors. Now, with someone you have never met, taking off your clothes and being photographed! Don’t worry; I’ll break the ice with an awful joke or some champagne.

Intimate portraiture. This type of ph

otography is empowering, provocative, naughty, and for some, fantasy fulfillment for their loved one.

Really FUN! I want women to see in themselves what their loved one sees and what I see through my lens. Nothing is sexier to me than a great big laugh and I’m there to capture it.