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Nov 21, 2018

The Wedding Of Steve Schave and Kari Kovacs

So my brother-in-law got married last month! I was so honored that they asked me to be involved with the wedding as not only a bridesmaid, but also to have Azena Photography take the photos. I got Heidi on the phone and asked her to take the reigns on this one. Then I could just be the second shooter and enjoy my day with my family. My husband, Mikey was the best man and my son, Wesley, was literally the greatest ring bearer of ALL TIME!!!

Kari and Steve met at a Rendezvous a couple of years ago, which is surprising that it took so long for them to meet. They both grew up in families who went to these events and traveled in similar circles, just parallel ones. It seems as though they have always known each other. The wedding was very casual and beautiful.  All of the decorations were DIY by Kari and her family. Her gorgeous ceremony structural backdrop was built by her dad and all the food was brought in by the family as well! One of my favorite parts was that we got to choose our own bridesmaid dresses and suits.  It was beautiful but it was cold, I think I may have even saw some snow at some point. But, we had fire, we had love, and we had a lot of beer!

Venue: Blackhawk Recreation Area  //  Lead Photographer: Heidi E Johnson